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Ahoy thar me harty’s and Welcome ta Radio ARRR

Radio ARRR is a Pirate Radio Station dedicated to information relevant to Privacy, Security and Freedom with a twist of humour and musical entertainment. We understand the mechanics of control, centuries in development, that seek to keep us complacent, provoke fear and engineer disharmony.

They who control your money control your time

Financial control is at the very core of all the issues we face. Time is money, but if someone controls the issuance of money, then they control your time. We recognize the manipulation that has caused decay in our societies and it is to this issue that we are devoted to seeking remedy. If we can regain control over our money, we can regain control over our lives.

The Cryptography Phenomenon

The launch of Bitcoin in the midst of a planned financial collapse on January 3rd 2009 brought with it personal empowerment on a level not seen since the birth of the internet itself. If email is the ‘Gutenberg Press’ of the Internet … then Bitcoin is the Internet of money. Think about that for a moment!

With robust privacy features built into a protocol such as Bitcoin, the fullest evolution of Morse code will truly have been realized. In line with this train of thought, we see no better solution than with a cryptocurrency named Pirate (ARRR). No matter how well quantum computing might develop in future, Pirate (ARRR) cannot be traced, tracked, surveiled, monitored, analyzed or confiscated unless by brute force simply because it has zero footprint. This makes it the most private currency in existence today.

So stick around…

Join with Radio ARRR at the Pirate Discord where you can listen to the station and watch as we grow as a community. We have adventurous plans ahead with fun and exciting ways to get yourself some free Pirate (ARRR) coins. Contests, competitions, social media involvement and humanitarian gifts are a few of the things you will come to expect are commonplace. Grab a Rum, strap on a bandana and in your best gruff voice, shout in the most eloquent use of the Queen’s English …



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From Bitcoin…

With the advent of bitcoin, we now have a method of value transfer that is completely decentralized, immutable and transferable. What this means is essentially this … Bitcoin is controlled by no country, person, Government or enterprise.

– Your money cannot be confiscated; and
– Access to your money cannot be restricted: and
– The record of who owns what cannot be change; and
– You are free to send value to anyone, anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Finally, we have a level playing field in terms of monetary distribution and commercial activity. However, there is still a lot of work to be done before the Kings of Finance have no choice but to release their tight grip on the peoples money.

The Bitcoin protocol has brought with it massive implications for the financial services sector. For example, if a bitcoin address is linked to your person or business, every single transaction that has ever taken place on that account will be revealed to whomever wishes to look. An exceptional milestone in our financial evolution indeed. What this indirectly implies is that the days of Governments or Private Banking Institutions printing money into existence at will, are drawing to a close.

Undoubtedly a superior method to traditional record keeping, Bitcoin is not subject to human error, nor can it be printed into existence. The trade-off is that every time you make a transaction you are revealing your entire financial history, not ideal for you and me. For small business, institutions, Governments and corporations, transparency is a necessity. For the average person wanting to buy a cup of coffee, or send their friend a few dollars, it is obviously not ideal.

To Pirate

Enter Pirate. Solving the issue of privacy using a protocol 30+ years in development called zk-Snarks, or Zero-Knowledge proofs. Pirate ensures that all transactions on the network are forced shielded. That is to say, transfers are 100% anonymous. There simply is no activity to be viewed on a public ledger, anywhere … nothing … nada … no footprint whatsoever.

Most privacy coins leave some meta-data residue. To be fair, some use very strong anonymity enforcing protocols. To differentiate in your mind’s eye, you could think about it like a locked door being very secure, but perhaps less secure than having no door at all. Pirate is not the only project to use the zk-Snarks protocol, but their users can choose to be anonymous. Leaving traceable elements on the network compromises anonymity, so Pirate forces the anonymity parameter.

Pirate accepts that improvements in the space are occurring all the time.

Pirate came from a team of veteran crypto developers who were testing zk-SNARKs. No one owns Pirate, just like bitcoin it is opensource and free to use. The Pirate trading ticker is aptly named ARRR … after all, how else would a Pirate express his feelings “Arrrgh!”

Because these battle-hardened technical wizards applied their collective knowledge, we have the most private cryptocurrency in existence today. In fact, if you consider that cash does contain trace elements of DNA, even fingerprints, Pirate is actually the most private of all currencies. It is also toughened by a security mechanism second to none. Pirate is notarized to the strongest, most resilient blockchain we have … Bitcoin.

If you want to attack Pirate, you have to attack bitcoin first. Good luck with that!

No pre-mine | No founders fee | No mining tax

Buy the Pirate cryptocurrency (ARRR) here

ARRR Features


  • Independent technology assetchain
  • Only private send transactions
  • Largest sheilded funds pool
  • Most anonymous of zk-SNARKS tech
  • TOR Network supported
  • Fundamentals complete
  • Main net launched August 30th 2018
  • Sapling upgrade 15th December 2018
  • Mobile lite wallet Q1 2019
  • Point of Sale functionality


  • Delayed Proof of Work secure (dPoW)
  • Outstanding community growth escalation
  • Seasoned development team
  • Most private, most secure crypto to date
  • Notorized to the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Absolute immunity from 51% attack
  • Strong indiscriminate meme characteristics
  • Equihash mining algorithm
  • 100% Community built project
  • Cryptocurrency’s first privacy coin Tipbot


  • Join Discord as a Privacy Pirate
  • Receive coins with no wallet required
  • Have some fun being anonymous
  • Off grid private conversations
  • Easily invite your friends
  • Listen to great music together
  • Drink and be merry together
  • Share and receive crypto knowledge
  • Worlds leading crypto developers available
  • Don’t miss this Revolutionary Community

Pirate is the Worlds Most Private Currency … Ever!

ARRR Contact

Contact us ‘ere if’n ye must
Fur wut, ey’d be moighty interested ta hear lad!

Damn’d if’n ey’ be rushin’ ta email ye, me cutlass flappin’ Pirate, bit ar’l git bak te ya sumwut sprightly. Arrrgh!

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